Flexible Gtaphite Sheet

Flexible Gtaphite Sheet

Graphite sheet:the flexible graphite sheet is cut into the shape of belt which can be used to make graphite sealing components or graphite woven packing,etc.
Graphite crape sheet:the graphite sheet is rolled into the shape with crapes and then cut into belt,it can be used in the sealing of thread and flange.
Back bound graphite sheet:the graphite sheet is bound.with the bound belt,then cut into belt,Mainly it is used for the sealings of thread and flange.
Back bound crape graphite sheet:the graphite sheet bound with the bound belt is rolled into the shape with crape surface,and then cut into belt. Mainly it is us.ed for the use of sealings for thread and flange.
Main specifications:thickness:0.2-0.7mm;width:5-100mm;length:25-50m.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: Flexible Sheet
Brand Name: SEA WHALE

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